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XML Output  v.rc

Easily produce custom XML from Java code with validity checking and namespace support. Character stream and SAX event outputs are supported now. More can be added via a plug-in

Spreadsheet Output for PRS  v.1.0

This program is to convert XML files exported by Interwrite PRS into a readable Excel document.

Input-Output New Library  v.1.0

TUI Library (like TurboVision) for console or terminal applications.

Cash Input/Output  v.1.0

A simple application to manage personal/family Income and Expenses.

OOXML Validator  v.1.0

Scope of the project is the development of an IS29500 validator. This validator shall test the validity of documents regarding the document-standard ISO/IEC 29500 known as Office Open XML.

Django-output-validator  v.1.5

This simple app does validation on all the HTML generated by your Django app, and keeps track of any pages that fail.

UuStepCount  v.1.02

uuStepCount analyze source code for blank lines, comment lines, code lines. Can output HTML&CSV file. No matter what extension of files, even newly ways of comment, with your configuration, uuStepCount can analyze it! Also JS, CSS of HTML, JSP, ASP.

MicroSim  v.1.0 Beta

MicroSim is a handy, small, Java based tool specially designed to offer users a micro-controller based Digital Input/output board simulator. This tool was developed based on 8-bit PIC18F4520 from Microchip. for WindowsAll

File Stripper  v.1.0.67

Copy off the last portion of a very large diagnostic or debug output file.

SOFA Statistics Windows  v.1.0.3

SOFA is a statistics, analysis, and reporting program with an emphasis on ease of use, learn as you go, and beautiful output.

Metropolis  v.0.3 a1

Metropolis is a visualization tool for TRANSIMS traffic simulation output.


Visual Jar to Exe is a Jar to Exe conversion utility that attempts to include the full JRE Installer in the output Exe file.

SOFA Statistics for Windows  v.0.9.22

SOFA is a statistics, analysis, and reporting program with an emphasis on ease of use, learn as you go, and beautiful output.

Xmlfy for Windows  v.1.5.5

The xmlfy command is a powerful yet lightweight tool that primarily caters for converting ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16 or UTF-32 based output into XML format on the fly and dealing with common issues associated with this kind of transformation.

PAD Monitor  v.

This command-line tool gives you the possibility to monitor PAD files (Portable Application Description files) for updates and to create an output "info file" for detected changes.

Jansi  v.1.2

Jansi implements ANSI support on platforms which don't support it like Windows and provides graceful degradation for when output is being sent to output devices which cannot support ANSI sequences.

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