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Flickr Output  v.1.0.2

This output accessory places a Flickr output button on the Preview Window toolbar. Then, with one click, you can send captures to a Flickr

Output for Visual Studio Team System  v.1.0.1

SnagIt"s output for Team System lets you add screen captures to new or existing bugs with a single click. Stop trying to describe problems with tons of text " just show them. Plus, eliminate the hassle of attaching images! How will I use this? * Use

SnagIt LiveJournal Blogging Output  v.1.0.4

Blogging with images used to mean copying a picture, finding somewhere to save the image, figuring out how to make it part of your post, and basically going through a lot of hassle but no longer, thanks to the SnagIt LiveJournal output! How will I

SnagIt Movable Type Blogging Output  v.1.0.1

Blogging with images used to mean copying a picture, saving it, figuring out how to make it part of your post, and basically going through a lot of hassle but no longer, thanks to the SnagIt Movable Type Blogging output! How will I use this? * Create

SnagIt Skype Output  v.1.0.1

Sharing images during Skype conversations used to mean finding the image, saving, browsing, attaching, and sending but no longer, thanks to the SnagIt Skype output! How does SnagIt work with Skype? With the SnagIt Skype output, its finally quick and

Formatted Input/Output in C++  v.1.0

Provides formatted output and input for C++ STL streams, like printf and scanf in C. Iof combines robustness and versatility of streams with clarity and conciseness of printf/scanf. Can use either functions or

Gaussian Output Tools  v.0.03

Gaussian Output Tools is a package of simple scripts to extract data from Gaussian output

Output Inspector  v.4

Output Inspector is a standalone Qt helper app for Kate that allows you to double-click to jump to the file and line of code at which your compiler found errors (for mono or any C# or other compiler using "filename(line,position): error"

PHP output translation to many languages  v.0.5

PHPTrans is PHP based library that allow translation of your project output to another languages. This will open your project to be understandable for the whole world. PHPTrans can be integrated in existing projects as well as used for new

Java csv file input output api  v.1.0

This is a Java-based API for input and output using .csv files: includes a reading class and a writing class with a wide variety of methods for use for different purposes.

VDR xine-lib output device  v.1.0.7

VDR plugin: xine-lib based software output device for VDR.

242.trokaGL video output object  v.1.0

troka is a hardware accelerated video output library for the nato ( video processing system. it uses openGL to provide full screen antialiased non-tearing interpolated video output optimized for live per

Output Switcher  v.1.0

Output Switcher is a Windows tool by which user can switch display and sound output by an accelerator key.

Debug output logger  v.1.0b1

dLog is a swift c++ std::stream based output logger that works with tags. It is easy to use, swift and inexpensive when turned off. An example: dLog::write("fileOutput") << "open file:" << filename;

Debug Output Filter  v.1.0

DebugOutputFilterClient is a small wxWindows based app, that sorts and filters the output of an application. The idea is to give the user the ability to choose what debug-messages to display at runtime.

Winamp OpenAL Output Plug-in  v.0.9.0.beta.4

Output Plug-in for Winamp 5 that utilises OpenAL. Written primarily for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users to get Hardware Acceleration support.

SnagIt Notes Output  v.1.0.1

As we all know the easiest way to remember something is to put a sticky note directly on your computer screen. But there is a better, cleaner, and more efficient way to remind yourself with SnagIt Notes! SnagIt Notes are the solution for all those

SnagIt Camtasia Studio 5 Output  v.1.0.1

Adding images to your Camtasia Studio video is easier than ever when you install this free accessory! Just click a button within SnagIt and your image is sent directly to Camtasia Studios clip bin. How will I use this? * Build eye-grabbing title or

SnagIt AOL Instant Messenger Output  v.1.0

Sharing images with your AOL Instant Messenger buddies is now easier than ever. No need for a complicated, multi-step process...just install the AIM toolbar button right inside SnagIt! How will I use this? * Grab a funny image, add a text balloon,

BIOE - Basic Input Output Elements  v.1.0

The BIOE system is an open-hardware platform to bridge the gulf between open-source CACSD systems like Scilab and the physical plant. It is intended for engineers, students, hobbyists, and anyone interested in automation and

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